SBG Accounting, About us

SBG Accounting specialise in accounting services and business advice for small to medium sized businesses.

At SBG Accounting, we can manage all your accounting solutions for you.

SBG Accounting is a Christchurch based accounting firm which specialises in business advice & accounting solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We offer accounting services so that business owners can save time and the hassle of managing tax compliance.

All our accountants are shareholders in the firm which means that they have an invested interest in ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service.

Tax rules can be complex and hard to understand. Let our talented accountants cut through the complexity for you, using everyday language.

Because we use the latest accounting software and technology there is no need to bring your records to our office. That is why many of our clients are located throughout New Zealand.


  • Qualified and/or experienced accountants
  • Affordable and efficient service charges
  • Monthly option for fees payments
  • Xero and Workflowmax trained employees
  • Free phone, emails and personal support for the agreed services
Happy Clients
Successful Cases


Monthly Accounting

With our Monthly Accounting services, you can get all the updates from us every month. You will get all the information about the profitability, ongoing support for the business and all the advice whenever required. We can provide a profit and loss statement on request.

Rental Property Accounting

Our experienced accountants can prepare and file your end of year financials with the IRD.

Keep track of the rental income using Xero. Our accountants are Xero qualified. If you have Xero subscription, We are able to track records of the expenses and incomes coming from the rental property.


We are small and medium size business specialist. Payroll is an important part of your business if you employ staff. With our payroll management services, We can help you in payroll processing and filing it to IRD.